Access Levels

Access Levels

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The Valuekeep’s access levels are a way of restricting the access of certain workgroups by area.

To create a new access level follow these steps:

  1. Access the All Tasks Menu | Configuration Tables | Assets | Access Levels | Access Levels. The list of existing entities of this type will be displayed;
  2. To create a new entity press the “Create new record” button on the upper part of the Access Levels list. A new tab will open in the work area named “Create Access Level“;
  3. Fill it in with the Access Level’s data. The information to be filled in is organized in tabs.
    1. General Information – General data for the Access Level: Access Level and Description;
    2. Employees – set of users associated with the access level.

Associating Assets and Locations with the access level is done in the entity file. To add an Asset or Location to the access level, follow these steps:

  1. Edit the Asset or Location;
  2. Add the new access level in the Access Levels tab.
To easily check the associations between access levels and assets or locations, use the Access Level Assets and Access Level Locations lists. You can filter by access level to see these elements or by asset/location to see with which access levels they are associated with.

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