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Batch Load Maintenance Plans

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Loading maintenance plans in batch was designed to allow you to simultaneously load a set of maintenance plans. For this, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Cooperative Operations | Utilities | Batch Load Sessions operations;
  2. Fill in the Description field;
  3. In the Module option, select MaintenanceManagementCore;
  4. In the Service option, select Maintenance Plan Service;
  5. Download the two sample documents (Maintenance Plan and Maintenance Plan Task);
  6. Complete the documents;
  7. Create the Maintenance Plan Batch Load.

After the operation is submitted, you can see the log file containing information on any error that may occur during loading.

In the Maintenance Plans file, set the InheritancetaskDetails field to TRUE, which allows you to load into the Maintenance Plans Tasks Items, Tools and Labor information associated with the corresponding Task.

In the Maintenance Plans Tasks file, the Checklist and Report fields are ignored, since it is not possible to change them in this type of entity. These fields are loaded from the options selected in the Tasks Creation screen when tasks are created.

It is not possible to create tasks with precedent tasks.

The maximum size for each Excel file is 5 MB.

If there are no messages in the log file, this means the operation is still in progress. Loading times vary depending on the number of maintenance plans to be created.

Time Unit

The time unit must be set when loading the maintenance plan tasks. The following table indicates the time unit codes:

Code Description
0 No time unit
1 Days
2 Hours
3 Minutes

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