Change an Asset’s Location

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To change the location of an asset in batch, select the option in All Tasks Menu | Assets | Assets | Change Asset Location and follow these steps:

  1. Specify the filters to apply to the asset list: specific location, family, brand, model or asset;
  2. Click “Apply“. All assets that match the selected filters are displayed.
  3. Enable the “Selected” column in the assets for which you wish to change the location;
  4. Click the “Move To” button and select one of the following options:
    1. Location – to change the location for all selected assets;
    2. Employee, Supplier or Customer – to change the location of all the selected assets and associate an entity.
  5. Select the target location;
  6. Press the “Ok” button.

You can also change the location of a single asset using the simple view:

  1. Select the asset to undergo the location change;
  2. Select the target location;
  3. Press the “Create” button.
When you associate a location change with an entity, you can also specify the expected return date.

When you change the location of assets in batch, you can filter by the associated entity. When you select the employee, supplier or customer, the list loads all assets currently associated with that entity (matching the last record in the history of asset locations).

To view the location changes history of the asset, use the “Asset Locations History” list.

Child assets cannot be moved directly. Child assets are automatically moved when the location of the parent asset changes.

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