Primavera ERP Integrator Starting Guide

Configure Prefixes

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The prefixes configuration operation allows a prefix on the ValueKeep's side to be added to the record code.

In Valuekeep, customers, suppliers and employees are recorded in the same table. If in ERP PRIMAVERA there are customers and suppliers with the same name, for the export to ValueKeep to be successful, it is necessary to put a prefix in this section.

To add prefixes, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Prefix option in ERP Administrator | Company | ValueKeep ERP Integrator | Prefix;
  2. For Customers in the ERP, for example "SOFRIO", it is necessary to add the "C." prefix, and its name in Valuekeep will be "C.SOFRIO";
  3. The same applies to suppliers, for example in the ERP "Fornos" is prefixed with an "F." and its name in ValueKeep will be "F.Fornos".

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