Create Employee

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In the Valuekeep solution, the management of entities is centralized. Among other possible attributes, entities can be classified as an Employee.

To create an employee, select All Tasks Menu | Cooperative Operations | Entities | Entities

  1. From the upper part of the list, select “Create new record“;
  2. Fill in the Entity, Search Term and Name fields;
  3. In the entity characterization, check the “Is Employee” option;
  4. In the Employee tab, specify whether this is an internal employee;
  5. If the employee is external, you can specify the associated Supplier;
  6. Press the “Create” button.

Assign Add-ons to Employees

To assign an employee with an add-on, follow these steps on the employee creation/editing file:

  1. Access the Add-ons tab;
  2. Add the desired add-ons from the grid displayed;
  3. Save the employee.

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