Step #4 - Create Maintenance Plans

Create Maintenance Plans

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Maintenance plans are the basis for the organization of work, both for corrective and preventive maintenance. Correctly defining the plans and associated tasks is one of the most important factors in organizing maintenance.
The option to create maintenance plans is available under All Tasks Menu | Maintenance | Configurations | Maintenance Plans | Maintenance Plans.

  1. The list of maintenance plans will be displayed.
  2. To create a new maintenance plan, press the “Create new record” (at the top of the maintenance plans list). A new tab named “Create Maintenance Plan” will open in the work area.
  3. Fill in the plan description;
  4. Select the maintenance plan type;
  5. In the case of preventive maintenance plans, specify the notification to be sent as a warning of new events and the number of days in advance.
    1. The default value is 1, which means that event notifications will be sent on the day before their occurrence date when the preventive maintenance is recalculated. If you set this value to 0, notifications will only be sent on the day in which the event occurs.
  6. Add one or more tasks to the plan;
    1. In the task, it is possible to set the work center, duration and the precedent;
    2. The image and the description values are suggested according to the selected task, but they can be reconfigured for each task of the plan;
    3. If the task’s type is Checklist, the Validation Type suggested is based on the selected task, but it can be reconfigured as well.
  7. Set the Items, Tools and Labor for each of the tasks;
    1. By default, this configuration is imported from the task, however, it is possible to add or remove elements for each task of the plan;
    2. It is possible to assign Employees to the task using the Labor tab.
  8. In the “Maintenance Plan Detail” tab, it is possible to restrict the plan to a set of location functions, models and asset families.
The plan code is a structured field that can be configured by the end user through the Sequences entity. Tasks without Work Center are associated with the plan’s Work Center.


Table with all maintenance plan states:

Natural Key Description
001.MAINTENANCEPLAN Waiting for Approval

Table with all possible state transitions for a maintenance plan:

Current State Next State
Pending Waiting for Approval
Waiting for Approval Approved
Waiting for Approval Canceled
Approved Canceled
Approved Replaced

How to record a maintenance plan as a draft?

The draft mode allows for an entity to be continuously edited, until it is read to be submitted for approval. The creation and the life cycle of an entity in the draft mode is as follows:

  1. Select the option to create a maintenance plan;
  2. Fill in the required entity fields at least;
  3. Click the “Save as Draft” link;
  4. Open the entity’s list and select Options | Show only drafts;
  5. Edit the entity created in draft mode;
  6. Perform the changes needed and save as often as necessary;
  7. When the entity is ready to be submitted for approval, change the state to “Waiting for Approval“.
In order to make editing simpler, not all validation rules are applied in draft mode. When it is placed in the “Waiting for Approval” state, all conditions necessary for the entity are checked.

How to set the maintenance plan replacement?

In preventive maintenance it may be necessary to set one or more plans that share the scheduling of a main plan, but which replace it after a given number of occurrences.

This is the case with vehicle maintenance, where a recurring plan is set, but after a few occurrences of that maintenance we intend for a more detailed plan. In order to set preventive maintenance plan replacement, perform the following steps.

  1. In the preventive maintenance plan grid, add a main maintenance plan;
  2. Set scheduling by meter or by recurrence and meter;
  3. Add one or more plans subordinated to the main plan:
    1. Add the plan to the grid and choose the “Edit” link of the replacement;
    2. Set the main plan and the number of occurrences after which the main plan should be replaced;
    3. In the main plan set the replacement criterion: per multiplier or per cycle.
Plans subordinated to the main plan do not allow you to specify scheduling.
All these plans must have a different occurrence scheduling number, which is more than zero.
It is only possible to set a main plan that is not subordinated to other plans.
In subordinated plans, you can set an initial value different from the main plan.
In the main plan it is possible to set if the replacement cycle should be started earlier. In order to do so, set the beginning of a cycle in an occurrence, lower than the replacement plan range with lower occurrence value.

How to Set Precedences Between Maintenance Plan Tasks?

The maintenance plans allow for setting precedences between tasks. When a task precedes another, that means that the latter cannot start before the former is completed. To set precedences, select the precedent task on the grid of the maintenance plan tasks.


Example 1 – Sequential Execution:

Task Description Precedent
T-000001 Task 01
T-000002 Task 02 T-000001 Task 01
T-000003 Task 03 T-000002 Task 02

In this case, the execution order is: Task 01, Task 02, Task 03.

Example 2 – Several tasks without precedent:

Task Description Precedent
T-000001 Task 01
T-000002 Task 02
T-000003 Task 03 T-000002 Task 02

In this case, Task 01 and Task 02 can be executed in any order. Task 03 can only start after completing Task 02.

Example 3 – Several tasks with the same precedent:

Task Description Precedent
T-000001 Task 01
T-000002 Task 02 T-000001 Task 01
T-000003 Task 03 T-000001 Task 01

In this case, Task 02 and Task 03 can be executed in any order but only after completing Task 01.

How to Create a New Version of the Maintenance Plan?

The creation of new versions allows for improving a maintenance plan by reusing the current configuration. To create a new version, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Maintenance Plans list in All Tasks Menu | Preventive Maintenance | Maintenance Plans | Create Maintenance Plan | Maintenance Plans.
  2. Edit a record in the “Approved” state;
  3. Click the “New Version” link. The new version of the plan is created in the “Pending” state and in draft mode;
  4. On the list, select “Options | Show only drafts” to view the new version record;
  5. Edit the plan;
  6. Make the necessary changes and, when ready, change the state to “Waiting for Approval”.
When the new plan version changes to the “Approved” state, the previous version changes to “Replaced”.

How to manage maintenance plans in batch?

Batch management of maintenance plans was designed to allow you to change the state or delete a set of maintenance plans simultaneously. For this, follow these steps:

  1. Access the operation under All Tasks Menu | Maintenance | Configurations | Maintenance Plans | Maintenance Plan Batch Management;
  2. You must set the State filter;
  3. You can set the following filters optionally:
    Work center – only work centers where the authenticated user is the person in charge are displayed;
    Maintenance Plan Type;
  4. Click “Apply“. The grid is loaded with the maintenance plans that match the selected filters;
  5. Select the maintenance plans to delete or for which to change the state:
    Change state: Click the “Change State” button and select the desired state to change the preventive maintenance state;
    Delete: Click the “Delete” button to delete maintenance plans;
  6. Apply.
Only maintenance plans associated with the work center for which the user is responsible are displayed.

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