Create a Location Shutdown

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The shutdowns allow the maintenance Technicians and Managers to schedule mid to large maintenance operations on equipment/locations for specific periods of time, in order to optimize their resources. Valuekeep allows for creating shutdowns both for assets and locations.
To create a new shutdown for an Asset, Location, Asset Route or Location Route, follow these steps:

  1. Access All Tasks Menu | Preventive Maintenance | Shutdown | Create Asset/Location Shutdown.
  2. Fill in the Shutdown data. The information to be filled in is organized in tabs.
    1. General information
      Here, fill in the general data of the shutdown. Code, Description, Start and End Date/Time of the Shutdown corresponding to the duration of the shutdown. Select the Upper and Lower Limit for which it will be possible to associate preventive and corrective work orders with the shutdown;
    2. Assets/Locations
      The Assets/Locations tab has the Assets and Locations which will be placed in the Down state;
    3. Asset Routes/Location Routes
      The Asset Routes/Location Routes tab has the Asset and Location routes whose assets and locations will be placed in the Down state.

How to automatically associate preventive maintenance occurrences with a shutdown?

You should set the upper and lower limits of the shutdown to automatically associate preventive maintenance occurrences with a shutdown.
When the projections service is run, it will automatically associate all preventive maintenances whose date is within the limits set.


Current State Next State
Pending Waiting for Approval
Waiting for Approval Approved
Waiting for Approval Canceled
Approved Canceled


Natural Key Description
001.ASSETSHUTDOWN Waiting for Approval

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