Step #4 - Create Maintenance Plans

Create Tasks

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The tasks represent maintenance actions to be performed in the context of preventive or corrective maintenance.
To create a task, select the All Tasks Menu | Maintenance | Configurations | Maintenance Plans | Tasks option:

  1. In the upper part of the list, select “Create new record“;
  2. Fill in the task description;
  3. To add an image to the asset, place the mouse over the area with the camera image and press the “Upload” button;
  4. Select the type of task, Checklist and/or Report.
    1. If you select Checklist, a Validation Type must also be selected.
  5. Add Items, Tools and information on Labor;
  6. Press the “Create” button.
The tasks’ code is a structured field which can be configured by the end user through the Sequences entity.

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