Analytics – Create and access reports using the Power BI tool

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To create reports using the Power BI tool, you must have an online Power BI account and install the desktop version of Power BI. Access to the data source (where the Valuekeep data is stored) from Power BI is done through REST requests to the WebAPI, using an external Web data connection.


To create a Power BI report and access it on Valuekeep, follow these steps:

  1. Access Power BI Desktop and create a new report;
  2. Access the “Base > External Data > Get Data > Web” option;
  3. In the “From Web” screen displayed, select the “Basic” option, fill the “URL” field with the URL of the WebAPI REST request as described in the WebAPI documentation and select “OK”;
    1. Example of a REST request:


  1. Next, the system displays the Web content access screen where you will perform your WebAPI authentication. In this screen, you must select the “Basic” option and enter the login credentials used in Valuekeep. Select “Connect”;
  2. Then the “Query Editor” is displayed for you to configure and transform queries. To configure queries follow these steps:
    1. Select the query you want to transform;
    2. Select the “List Tools > Transform > Convert > To Table” option. Select the desired options from the displayed screen and then select “OK”;
    3. On the value grid shown, select the displayed column and then the “Transform > Structured Column > Expand”;
    4. In the screen that is shown for you to expand the column, select the columns to expand and, if necessary, specify a prefix for these columns. Select “OK”;
    5. A table shows the results generated from the WebAPI REST request.
  3. The previously described steps must be followed for each query that results from a WebAPI REST request used in the report;
  4. After configuring all database queries, select the “Base > Close > Close and Apply” option.
  5. Next, all queries are performed and their fields are displayed so that they can be used in the report;
  6. Select the desired fields and create the report;
  7. After creating and saving the report, you need to publish it in Power BI Online. To do this, select the “Base > Share > Publish” option;
  8. You need to authenticate with your Power BI Online access details and publish;
  9. The Power BI successful publish screen is displayed. Follow the link shown to open the Power BI report;
  10. To make this report accessible from Valuekeep, you need to publish the report on the Web. In Power BI Online, select “File > Publish to Web”, “Create Embed Code” and then “Publish”;
  11. A link to access the report is displayed (the “Link you can send by email”). Save this link for future use.

After following these steps, you need to configure user access to the report you created in Valuekeep. To do this, you must follow these steps:

  1. Access Valuekeep with a user with dashboard creation and editing access;
  2. Create a new dashboard or edit an existing one, where you will be able to access the report created in Power BI;
  3. Add a Navigator part and select New to create a new configuration;
  4. Enter the Name and Description of the configuration and select the “Add external link” option;
  5. In the External Link configuration fields enter the Caption field for the link, and in the URL field place the link generated when the Power BI Online report was published (last step of the previous report creation steps). Select “Accept” and “Save”. Next, select “Accept” to apply the created configuration to the part;
  6. When you are finished editing the dashboard, “Save and publish” it and select which roles can access it.


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