WebAPI – Equipment Receptions

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This service allows you to retrieve and create equipment checking and reception documents.

The service uses the Web API’s common operations, as described in the online documentation page.

You cannot change the list of generated equipment via the Web API (“GeneratedEquipments” property).
You can only delete documents for which there haven’t been generated assets.

Retrieve assets generated for each row of the external document

GET /api/mytenant/myorganization/maintenancemanagementcore/equipmentreceptions/GetGeneratedAssetsByExternalId

This method allows you to retrieve all the generated assets associated with an external document row, using the following filter

  • ExternalId: value of the row’s identifier, associated with the row of the received equipment (“ExternalId” field).


GET /api/mytenant/myorganization/maintenancemanagementcore/workorders/equipmentreceptions/GetGeneratedAssetsByExternalId&externalId=ID01

Retrieves all assets generated from received equipment rows for which the value of the “ExternalId” field is ID01.


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