How are cost centers updated when changing year?

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When the integration is enabled, all cost centers are integrated in the ERP in Valuekeep. Each cost center is in force between the beginning and the end of the fiscal year set in the ERP. When changing years, an automatic process updates cost centers associated with these entities:

  • Assets;
  • Locations;
  • Asset routes;
  • Location routes;
  • Work centers;
  • Preventive maintenances.

At the beginning of the year, we verify the existence of cost centers originated in the integration with the ERP and with the same key, for the previous year and for the current year. In case these exist, the cost center is modified for the new year in these entities.

Example: in 2015 the user associated asset ‘A1’ with cost center ‘CC.2015’. Cost center ‘CC.2016’ was also created in the ERP and integrated in Valuekeep. In the beginning of 2016, the automated process will change the cost center of ‘A1’ to ‘CC.2016’.

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