How Are Material Consumptions Reported in the Work Orders?

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When in Valuekeep (Configuration Tables | Configure | Maintenance Configuration) the integration configuration is active, it is only possible to report consumptions to work orders which have internal requests in the approved state and whose material entry for that request was done successfully.

In the consumption report row it is only possible to:

  • Select the warehouse which originated the internal request;
  • Select the unit set in the internal request.

Example: Record the entry with less quantity than the internal request

Request Warehouse Item Quantity Unit
PI.2015.1 A1 A0001 1 UN
PI.2015.1 A1 B0003 2 CX6


Entry Warehouse Item Quantity Unit
ES.2015.1 A1 B0003 1 CX6


Consumption Warehouse Item Quantity Unit
OC.1 A1 B0003 1 CX6


In this scenario, in the consumption report, the user can only select 1 CX6 of the B0003 item, regardless of having requested 2 CX6. This happens because in the ERP, the fulfillment of the internal request only originated a single stock issue of 1 cx6 of the B0003 item.

The fulfillment unit in the ERP must be the same as the one in the document or in the internal request.

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