How to configure the asset’s integration code?

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The External Integration section of the Maintenance Setup option indicates whether the integration between Valuekeep and the PRIMAVERA ERP is active and if the Valuekeep item sequence is used instead of the ERP’s item key.

To view the Maintenance Setup option, follow these steps:

  1. Access the All Tasks Menu in Configuration Tables | Setup | Maintenance Setup;
  2. In the maintenance setup, verify that the “Use Valuekeep Item Sequence” field exists. If the field is enabled, this means that during item integration between the ERP and Valuekeep, items will be integrated into Valuekeep with the default item sequence.
With the “Use Valuekeep Item Sequence” field enable, make sure that a sequential numerator is set for the default item creation sequence in Valuekeep. Otherwise, the first item to be integrated will be created with an empty key and following items will not be created.

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