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Load preventive maintenances in batch

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Preventive maintenance batch loading was designed to allow you to load a set of preventive maintenances simultaneously. For this, follow these steps:

  1. Access the operation under All Tasks | Preventive Maintenance | Preventive Maintenance Batch Load;
  2. Fill in the Description field;
  3. Download the two sample documents (Preventive Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance Plan) ;
  4. Fill in the document according to the instructions on the second sheet of each Excel file and following the examples available at the top of each file;
  5. Create Preventive Maintenance Batch Load.

After submitting the operation, you can check the log for information on any error that may happen during loading.

When loading is successfully finished, you can also check the log for a message indicating the number of preventive maintenances created and checking if the “Loaded” option is selected

You can only delete a preventive maintenance batch load if all preventive maintenances are in pending state; The maximum size for each Excel file is 5 MB.
If no message appears in the log, this means that the operation is still underway. The loading times change according to the number of preventive maintenances to be created.


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