How to setup user profiles?

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From our portal (, users with an administrator profile can manage users with their subscription. You can perform the following user management actions:

  • Create new users;
  • Inactivate users;
  • Setup user profiles;

The following profiles can be assigned to users:

  • Maintenance Request – allows users to create issues. This profile is free from licensing, which means that license is not required for users who are assigned this profile;
  • Readonly – only allows users to read data. This profile overrides other profile permissions for users with different product access profiles;
  • Administration – allows users access to all features;
  • Assets
    • Assets Definition – allows users to configure assets;
    • Assets Operation –
    • Assets Controlling
  • Maintenance
    • Maintenance Definition
    • Work Management
    • Work Reporting
    • Maintenance Controlling
  • Inventory
    • Inventory Definition
    • Inventory Operation
    • Inventory Controlling

If you want to check which features are available for every profile, you can download Valuekeep Profiles.

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