WebAPI – Internal Request Reports

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This service allows you to retrieve and handle Internal Requests in Valuekeep.

Below you can find an analysis of the methods available through the service.

Get Internal Requests

GET /api/mytenant/myorganization/maintenancemanagementcore/internalrequestextendeds/GetInternalRequestsByFilter

This method allows you to retrieve the list of internal requests applying several filters. You can retrieve this list using the following filters:

  • StateKey: States list (values in “Internal Request State Table”)
  • RequestedBy: Username of the employee who reported the internal request
  • MaxRecords: Maximum number of records (you can request 200 records at a time)
  • WorkOrder: Work Order code
  • AssignedTo: Username of the employee assigned to the work order
  • Version: Internal Request Version
  • InternalRequest: Internal Request code

All filters are optional. The list of internal requests returned is sorted by version ascendingly.


GET /api/mytenant/myorganization/maintenancemanagementcore/internalrequestextendeds/GetInternalRequestsByFilter?stateKey=001&stateKey=002&maxRecords=50&requestedBy=myuser&version=AAAAAAAAAAA=

Retrieves a maximum of 50 internal requests in the “Pending” and “Waiting for Approval” states, reported by the employee with the “myuser” username and using version “AAAAAAAAAAA=” or later.

GET /api/mytenant/myorganization/maintenancemanagementcore/internalrequestextendeds/GetInternalRequestsByFilter?workorder=WO001&assignedTo=wouser&version=AAAAAAAAAAA=

Retrieves the internal requests for WO “WO001” where the user assigned to the WO is “wouser” and the version used is “AAAAAAAAAAA=” or later.

GET /api/mytenant/myorganization/maintenancemanagementcore/internalrequestextendeds/GetInternalRequestsByFilter?internalrequest=IR.2017.1

Retrieves the internal request with the code “IR.2017.1”.

Create Internal Request

POST /api/mytenant/myorganization/maintenancemanagementcore/internalrequestextendeds/CreateInternalRequestExtended

This method allows you to create internal requests. The body of the message must follow the structure for the InternalRequestExtended resource.


“SerieNaturalKey”: “2017”,
“DocumentTypeNaturalKey”: “PI”,
“DocumentDate”: “2017-03-15T17:32:48.483”,
“Description”: “PI 000001”,
“Remarks”: ” – PI 000001rnrn”,
“IsPrinted”: false,
“Motive”: “”,
“SourceDoc”: “”,
“ExternalId”: “”,
“ExternalVersion”: “”,
“IsExternallyManaged”: false,
“SchemaEntStateNaturalKey”: “006.PI”,
“CompanyNaturalKey”: “TEST_15032017_001”,
“WarehouseNaturalKey”: “A1”,
“RequestedByNaturalKey”: “0002”,
“CostCenterNaturalKey”: null,
“WorkOrderKey”: “”,
“DocumentLines”: [
“LineNumber”: 1,
“Description”: “QUEEN Chair”,
“Quantity”: 5,
“RequestDate”: “2017-03-15T17:32:48.483”,
“ConversionFactor”: 1,
“Note”: “”,
“OpenQuantity”: 0,
“DeliveryDate”: “2017-03-15T17:32:48.483”,
“OriginalQuantity”: 5,
“Motive”: “”,
“BaseUnitNaturalKey”: “UN”,
“SchemaEntStateNaturalKey”: “006.PI”,
“PurchaseItemNaturalKey”: “A0001”,
“UnitNaturalKey”: “UN”,
“UserFields”: [],
“Index”: 1

This method returns the list of internal requests created.

The SerieNaturalKey, DocumentTypeNaturalKey and DocumentDate fields are optional and will be filled in with the default values if not provided.

Internal Request State List

GET /api/mytenant/myorganization/maintenancemanagementcore/internalrequestextendeds/GetInternalRequestStates

This method allows you to retrieve the list of internal request states. No filter is required for this list.

Internal Request State Table

Code State
001  Waiting for Approval
002  Draft
003  Approved
004  Rejected
005  Canceled
006  Closed

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