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Mobile – List of known errors in Work Management

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Errors may occur when data is synchronized between the backoffice and the device. These errors are recorded in the device and you can view them following these steps:

  • Access Menu | Synchronization
  • From the upper right corner, press the other options icon (3 dots) and select the “View Errors” option. A screen with the list of errors will be displayed.

How to view the error's details?

To view an error’s details, select the (i) symbol on the errors list. A window will appear with the error’s details.

What generic errors can occur?

The following errors can occur in any synchronization feature:

  • The location or asset is not on service – which means that the on service date is empty on the location or asset file. To solve this, you need to access the file of the asset or location and enter its on service date.
  • The current user has no access level set for the selected asset – this means you have to place the asset on an access level.

Which errors are specific to the Work Management module?

  •  Issue-related errors
    • The selected Issue Type requires one of the following options to be selected… – this means you have to select the work order’s state when you change the state of an issue to Approved;

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