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List Inventory Postings

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A company’s inventory is part of its assets and therefore there must be good a computer management of postings for managers to access stock information at any moment, along with incoming and outgoing item warehouse quantities and existing quantities on specific dates. This type of management fulfills several goals, such as avoiding out of stock events, item rotation and reordering when items leave the warehouse.

To validate these postings using a specific list follow these steps:

  1. Go to All Tasks Menu | Inventory | Reports | Inventory Posting List.
  2. Enter an item;
  3. Update the list.

The list returns information about the selected item. Information on item postings, source documents that originated the posting, posted quantity, unit price and stock balance is included, among other data.

More information can be added to the columns displayed through customizing and adding new columns. To better display and organize the report, it can also be grouped by columns according to the user’s preference.

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