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Valuekeep Mobile now offers more extensibility options, such as user fields and tables, for a more customized experience.

To activate this feature, you must activate the option “User Fields Enabled” in the Backoffice, in the maintenance setup section.

For this feature to become available in the app, you must synchronize the “Support Tables”, in order to download this new setup and the associated information.

The user fields will be available in the following Modules:

  • Work Management: Work Orders, Internal requests
  • Work Report: Work Orders, Internal requests
  • Maintenance Request: Issues
  • Asset Management: Assets and Locations

In these entities’ screens, a new “User Fields” tab will display, through which you can fill in the user fields and, in case this information has already been downloaded/filled in, you can view them.

How to download an entity's user fields?

To download an entity’s user fields, you must access the “user fields” tab, press the “ellipsis” and select “Get user fields”.

 In the case of the entity tables created by the user, they must have the field “Entity Description” defined, otherwise, it will not be possible to define a relation between the entity and the corresponding table.
 The user fields of the type LINK must start with “www” in order for them to be opened in the app. 

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