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Mobile – View a WO History

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Maintenance managers can view all the history of work orders for which they are responsible or from work centers for which they are responsible. To view it, follow these steps:

  1. Access the WO you want to view;
  2. From the upper right corner, press the other options symbol (3 dots) and select the "History" option. If the list is empty, you have to sync this information by pressing the Sync button and then a list will be displayed with all work orders related to the current asset/location sorted by descending date;
  3. Select the work order you want to view and a screen will be displayed with details about the work order, where you can get the following information:
    1. Work Order Remarks
    2. Attachments
    3. Tasks Checklist *
    4. Meter readings *
    5. Monitoring values *
    6. Labor *
    7. Materials *
    8. Other costs *
    9. Failures *

(*) It is possible to view these records by pressing the (i) button.

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