Primavera V9 Integrator


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It is possible to integrate data between Valuekeep (VK) and the PRIMAVERA ERP. This solution allows managers to know the costs that the maintenance department is generating, facilitating real time decision making.

Integration is performed via the Valuekeep Integrator, an application which allows 3 integration flows:

  • Of master data (e.g. Items, Brands, Currencies;
  • Of items that will be consumed in the work orders:
    As soon as there is integration between ERP PRIMAVERA and Valuekeep, stock management becomes centralized in the PRIMAVERA ERP. The quantities needed for each work order are sent to Valuekeep. The flow is bidirectional: Valuekeep -> ERP and ERP -> Valuekeep;
  • Of word order costs:
    Cost integration is done in the Valuekeep -> ERP direction, which enables you to have all work order costs in the ERP.

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