Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance Events

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On this list it is possible to view all events from maintenance plans associated with preventive maintenances and which work order they originated:

  • The event row which originated a work order not yet opened is displayed in orange;
  • While the event row which originated an already opened work order is displayed in green;
  • The information is grouped by Preventive Maintenance.

To make the provided information easier to read, it is possible to apply filtering parameters to the list.

How to change a preventive maintenance event?

The user can change the expected date of the event in the application. This is the same as setting a fixed date for the event, therefore, the recalculation process will not affect the date of these events.
The user can also deactivate preventive maintenance events. In this case, when events are recalculated, they will remain inactive.

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