Receiving and Checking Equipment

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This operation allows you to create assets based on items. To receive and check equipment, follow these steps:

  1. Access Materials | Item Checking;
  2. Select the "Create New Record" option;
  3. Enter the description and date;
  4. Add rows to the "Received Items" grid
    1. Enter the document number and date;
    2. Select the item, quantity and whether it matches a single equipment;
    3. Select the brand and model in the additional columns of the grid.
  5. Click the "Generate Assets" link;
  6. In the assets grid, set the state as "Accepted";
  7. Select the asset location and associated properties;
  8. Create.

When you save, assets will be generated for each row of the generated assets grid for which the state is "Accepted". If the asset to be created does not match the received items, set the state to "Not Accepted". You can still edit the document again after saving and finish the checking of assets in the "Pending" state.

If the sequence for the assets is set for automatic numbering, the value of the "Asset" field will be "{AUTO}" and its key will be automatically assigned when it is created. You can change the key's value before saving.

If you select the "Exchanges" or "Replaces" field, the associated asset will be set as inactive and its file will show that it was exchanged or replaced by the generated asset. The number of elements is saved in the generated asset file.

If you enter the "Sequence" field, the asset code will be generated based on the entered value, according to these rules:

  • The sequence supports segments with A-Z (uppercase) characters and numbers;
  • For example, if the sequence is AA001, the following codes will be AA001, AA002, AA003, etc. When the number segment reaches 999, the text segment is successively incremented to AB, AC, AD, … , BA, etc., each time the number segment reaches the maximum;
  • You can set a fixed part within the sequence by using the "/" character. For example, if the sequence is "14A/A0001", all codes will begin with "14A" and the segment after the slash will be incremented.


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