WebAPI – Consents

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This service allows you to retrieve and handle Consents in Valuekeep.

Below you can find an analysis of the methods available through the service.

Get Consents

GET /api/mytenant/myorganization/maintenancemanagementcore/consents/GetLastConsentsByUser

This method allows you to retrieve a list of the most recent consents by user. You can retrieve this list using the following filters:

  • User: Login of the user who provided consent

This filter is required.


GET /api/mytenant/myorganization/maintenancemanagementcore/consents/GetLastConsentsByUser?user=myuser

Create and update Consents

POST /api/mytenant/myorganization/maintenancemanagementcore/consents/ManageConsents

This method allows you to create and update consents.


“ConsentType”: “1”,
“User”: “admin”,
“StartDate”: “2018-09-25T12:00:00+01:00”,
“EndDate”: “2019-09-25T12:00:00+01:00”

The method returns the created/updated consent.

The ConsentType, User and StartDate fields are required. If you do not enter the EndDate field, the consent is created without an end date. Using this method with a value in EndDate updates an existing consent with the specified end date or creates a new consent if it does not exist yet.

If the ConsentType field is “1”, this means that the consent type is “Geolocation”.

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