WebAPI – Customers

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This service allows you to retrieve information about Customers in Valuekeep.

Below you can find an analysis of the methods available through the service.

Get Customers List

GET /api/mytenant/myorganization/maintenancemanagementcore/Customers/GetFullCustomerPartiesByVersion?version=AAAA

This method allows you to retrieve a list of Customers by version. Only the version filter is applied to the list.

The method response returns a detailed list with the customer’s information.

Get Customer Details

Using the following method, you can get information on the desired customer:

GET /api/mytenant/myorganization/patterns/parties/GetPartyDetails?partyKey=0016

The method response returns the following information:

  • PartyKey
  • SearchTerm
  • StreetName
  • BuildingNumber
  • CityName
  • PostalCode
  • Telephone
  • CompanyTaxId
  • CompanyLogo
  • Email
  • Site
  • IsCustomer
  • IsSupplier
  • IsEmployee

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