WebAPI – Geolocations

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This service allows you to retrieve and create Geolocations for users in Valuekeep.

Below you can find an analysis of the methods available through the service.

Get Geolocations

GET /api/mytenant/myorganization/maintenancemanagementcore/usergeolocations/GetUserGeoLocationsByFilter?wkcResponsible=myuser

This method allows you to retrieve the list of the most recent geolocations by user, for all technicians from the work center for which the “myuser” user is responsible.  You can retrieve this list using the following filters:

  • wkcResponsible: Username of an employee in charge of a work center.

This filter is required.


GET /api/mytenant/myorganization/maintenancemanagementcore/usergeolocations/GetUserGeoLocationsByFilter?wkcResponsible=admin

Create Geolocations

POST /api/mytenant/myorganization/maintenancemanagementcore/usergeolocations

This method allows you to create geolocations for the user.


“User”: “user1”,
“Date”: “2018-09-20T14:20:00+01:00”,
“Latitude”: “41.5420869”,
“Longitude”: “-8.4010074”

The method returns the created geolocation:

“User”: “USER1”,
“Date”: “2018-09-20T14:20:00+01:00”,
“Latitude”: “41.5420869”,
“Longitude”: “-8.4010074”,
“Link”: “http://maps.google.com/maps?q=41.5420869,-8.4010074”,
“Id”: “1cc33310-d8bc-e811-9481-000c290e7089”,
“IsActive”: true,
“IsDeleted”: false,
“Version”: “AAAAAAABhqk=”,
“VersionNumber”: 100009,
“ModifiedOn”: “2018-09-20T14:21:21.8860239+01:00”

The Link field in the response is a URL generated automatically by the Google Maps service to open a browser window in the specified geolocation.

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