How to create entities and user fields?

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The users have the ability to create user defined entities and attributes, as well as create and modify the visual appearance of the files of system entities or of user defined entities.

Creation of User Defined Entities
To create a new entity, follow these steps:

  1. Access the menu and open the Entities | Utilities | User Defined Entity option;
  2. Give a name to the new entity and set the attributes the entity is comprised of;
  3. Save.

Add attributes to System Entities
To add new attributes to a System Entity, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Entities | Utilities | System Entities menu;
  2. On the screen, start by selecting the system entity by double clicking;
  3. On the attributes list, only the user defined attributes are shown. As such, that list will initially be empty;
  4. Then, you should create the attributes which will be added to the selected entity;
  5. By “Saving” the new attributes will be added to the system entity.



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