Latest releases


Release of Version 2.72

Valuekeep informs that the following features will be made available with version 2.72, which will be released on 01/09/2018:

Maintenance Management Solution

  • Automatic creation of work orders from issues: work orders can now be created automatically from issues without the user having to select the “Create work order” option.
  • Setting the default value when classifying tasks: There is now a default value for task classifications. When technicians classify tasks in the backoffice, they can select “Apply to all” to use the default classification for all tasks.
  • Quick classification of checklist task types in a work order: In the costs reporting screen there is now an “Apply to all” option, which means that technicians can classify a task and then extend that classification to all tasks.

Mobile Solution

  • Asset Management Module
    • Changing asset locations
    • Reporting down time on a location or asset without associating it with a work order
  • Work Report Module
    • Reporting down time on a location or asset associated with a work order
    • Viewing work that needs to be done using the localization on Google Maps
  • Work Management Module
    • Unassigning a work order from one or more technicians
    • Assigning and Unassigning one or more technicians from maintenance plans associated with the work order
    • Changing the expected date of a preventive maintenance event