Latest releases


Release of Version 2.76

Valuekeep informs that the following features will be made available with version 2.76, which will be released on 05/01/2019:

Maintenance Management Solution

  • User fields available in the tags when creating email templates – it is now possible to send information from the user fields specified in the work order entities (WOs) or issues;
  • The work orders explorer now displays information based on the WOs expected date – WOs are now visible in the explorer on the expected date and not in the WO creation date;
  • Recalculating the preventive maintenance, when configured with scheduling on the opening or closing date, is no longer performed based on the delay days, being now computed based on the date when the WO changes into one of the following states:
    • first state that allows for reporting costs (example: “In progress”)
    •  state configured as the end of the SLA (example: “Executed”)
  • You can now enter details with the reason for inactivation/disposal when performing asset inactivation/disposal.

Mobile solution


Work Report for iOS – Valuekeep Mobile

  • Work Report Module
    • Available for iOS.
    • Task verification available for all route elements – in the task verification option you can now “Apply to all” for all tasks of a specific or all route elements;
    • Work order report layout change