Latest releases


Release of version 2.86

Valuekeep informs that the following features will be made available with version 2.86 of your maintenance management solution which will be released on 30/05/2020:

  • View of the task’s expected time in the preventive maintenance events list
  • Shutdowns now allow to automatically associate the preventive maintenance events, regardless of the time of shutdown
  • Attachments now have a maximum limit of 15 MB.
  • Performance improvements in the following areas:
    • Work Orders Explorer
    • Batch change of Work Orders, Preventive Maintenance and Maintenance Plans states.

Version 2.86 of your mobile solution will be released on 02/06/2020 including the following features:

  • The mobile solution is now available in Catalan
  • Insertion of new filters in searches
  • The attachments now have a maximum limit of 15MB (per attachment).
  • Performance improvements in the following areas:
    • Issues List
    • Work Orders List
    • Work order assignments
  • Asset Management
    • Availability of user fields when creating/editing an asset or location

The version 2.86 of the mobile solution is not compatible with the version 2.85 of the maintenance solution.