Step #8 - Configure Failures

Create Failure

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Reporting failures allows for entering into the system failures related to assets, for a subsequent monitoring and handling by maintenance. To create a failure, select the Maintenance | Failures | Failures option:

  1. From the upper part of the list, select "Create new record";
  2. Fill in the failure date and description;
  3. Select the work order associated with the failure;
  4. In the case of a WO for an asset route, enter the asset associated with the failure.
  5. If applicable, perform the typification of the failure by adding rows, which is done by right clicking in the "Typification" tab, and filling in the symptom, cause and action;
  6. Press the "Create" button.

How to change the creation date for a failure?

To change the creation date for a failure, you need to use the Date field on the failure’s screen. Besides, you can only change this date if the failure does not have an associated issue.

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