Step # 7 - Configure Maintenance Requests

Create Issue Types

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After being configured, issue types allow you to classify issues and apply specific behaviors. To create a new issue type, select the All Tasks Menu | Maintenance Requests | Configurations | Issue Types option:

  1. From the upper part of the list, select the “Create new record” option;
  2. Enter the key and description of the issue type;
  3. Configure the behavior of this type of issues:
    1. Closing by Requester Required: if this option is active, only the requester who created the issue can classify it as closed for this type of issues. If it is not active, any requester can close the issue;
    2. Default: this option specifies whether this is the default type of issue when an issue is created.
    3. Generate Work Order Automatically?: if this option is enabled, when an issue of this type is created, a WO will be automatically opened in the selected initial state. You can also specify the type, work center and priority level for the new WO.

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