Create Monitoring

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The monitorings are system entities which allow for monitoring the normal operation of the assets by monitoring a preset value and, depending on its positive or negative variation, trigger corrective maintenance actions.
To create a monitoring, follow these steps:

  1. Access All Tasks Menu | Assets | Monitorings | Monitorings. The list of existing entities of this type will be displayed.
  2. Press the “Create new record” button, which is on the upper part of the Monitorings list, to create a new entity. In the work area, a new tab will be opened named “Create Monitoring“;
  3. Fill in the Monitoring data. The information to be filled in is organized in tabs.
    1. Meters
      Fill in here the general data on the Monitoring, Description, Monitoring Group, Location or Asset. The unit is inherited from the Monitoring Group.
    2. General
      Fill in this tab with the information on upper and lower limits. Values to monitor for the action and warning, number of events which will trigger the maintenance action and the reasons associated with the issue.
The Monitorings configurations are automatically inherited from the Monitoring Group and are a configuration suggestion which can be modified by the user when characterizing the Monitoring created.
The Monitorings’ code is a structured field which can be configured by the end user through the Sequences entity. 

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