Meters Explorer

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The meters explorer can be used to manage all the information regarding meters easily, quickly and in a structured manner. Meters are displayed according to a tree structure, along with its locations and assets, making it easy to identify which asset or location is associated with the meter. You can perform the following tasks in the meters explorer:

  1. Create, update, remove or replace meters;
  2. Report, import or remove meter values.

To access these options, select the desired element from the meters tree and open the context menu. In the meters explorer you can also view several pieces of information regarding the meter’s history using the 3 tabs available:

  • Value History;
  • Association History;
  • Replacement History;

To access the meters explorer follow these steps:

  1. Access All Tasks Menu | Assets | Meters Explorer. The meters explorer is displayed;
  2. Select any desired location or asset. You can also select other restrictions such as Brand, Model or Family;
  3. Press “Refresh“;
  4. The meters tree structure is displayed on the left side of the screen and a grid with history information regarding meter values on the right.
The “Create Meter” option is only displayed on the context menu of location or asset-type tree elements. Through the context menu you can also update a single knot, if necessary.

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