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Warranty Contract

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The creation of contract represents an agreement between two entities.

You can create a new warranty contract from the Contracts | Warranty Contracts options, by selecting “Create new record“.

This file’s information is organized in tabs:

  • General – indicate the contract’s basic information;
  • Items – indicate items associated with the contract;
  • Services – indicate services associated with the contract;
  • Remarks.


Current State Next State
Pending Waiting for Approval
Waiting for Approval Approved
Waiting for Approval Canceled
Approved Closed
Approved Canceled
Approved Suspended
Canceled Closed
Suspended Closed
Suspended Approved


Natural Key Description
001.WarrantyContracts Waiting for Approval
002.WarrantyContracts Pending
003.WarrantyContracts Approved
004.WarrantyContracts Canceled
005.WarrantyContracts Suspended
006.WarrantyContracts Closed
007.WarrantyContracts Replaced

Contracts Notifications

This service performs all the necessary processings to send the notifications set in the contracts when the corresponding date is reached.

The service is run daily at the set time:

  • In the cloud environment it runs after 4:00 AM;
  • In the on-premises environment, by default, it runs after 4:00 AM, but a different time can be configured.

The execution time depends on the time zone set in the contracts setup. For example, if the default time zone set is “(UTC-04:00) Atlantic Time (Canada)”, the service will be run after the local time’s 4:00, which corresponds to 8:00 UTC (+00:00).

In the contracts setup you can check the date for the next execution and the state of the last execution, including error messages. It is also possible to inactivate the service and set a notification to be sent when a contracts notifications processing error occurs.

The following table describes the notifications sent for each type of contract:

Contract Type Notifications
Customer Cessation Notice
Supplier Cessation Notice
Warranty Cessation Notice

You can request the processing of notifications manually by using the “Run now | Notifications” option in Contracts Setup.

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