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Assign Work Order

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To associate work order tasks with employees and specialties, access All Tasks Menu | Work Orders | Work Order Assignment and follow these steps:

  • Fill in the adequate filters for the work order tasks to be associated:
    1. WO State – you can select the states configured for allowing assignment;
    2. Work order – you can select WOs in a specific state or from all states, if not specified;
    3. Work center;
    4. Date range – select the range of dates of the WOs to which you want to assign tasks;
    5. Specialty;
    6. Employee;
    7. Customer– customer associated with the WO;
    8. Supplier – supplier associated with the WO;
    9. Cost center – the WO’s cost center.
  • Click the “Apply” link. The assigned WO tasks are loaded, according to the selected filters;
  • You can assign employees and specialties using the following methods;
    1. Individually: Click the “Load Tasks” button. The grid is loaded with all the tasks from all the WO plans, according to the filters. Delete the rows to which you do not wish to assign employees or configure the employee or specialty assignment;
    2. By the Work Order: Click Add Row. Fill in the WO, employee and/or specialty. Assignment is performed for all tasks from all plans of the WO;
    3. By the Maintenance Plan: Click Add Row. Fill in the WO and Maintenance Plan, employee and/or specialty. Assignments are performed for all tasks from the WO plan;
    4. Batch: if there are several rows on the grid, when you enter an employee or specialty in the first row, a prompt will be displayed asking whether you want to assign the same employee/specialty to all rows. If you click “Yes”, all rows will be assigned to the employee or specialty selected in the first row.
  • When all the associations are done, press the “Accept” button.


When you click “Apply”, all changes made to assignments are lost. This date range applies to the WO date. Only assignments or tasks of WOs for which the date is within the specified time range will be loaded.
When approving a work order, the labor association set in the maintenance plan tasks is copied. You can delete the suggested elements or add new ones through this option.

If you enter the Expected Date field, this value will be saved in the WO’s task. If you assign it to employees, the system validates their calendar availability on the selected date. If employees do not have a calendar associated, the system assumes the default calendar availability.

It is possible to notify via email the employee to whom you are assigning a task. For this, fill in the Task Assignment Notification field on the Employee tab of the employee’s file. If the employee is mapped to a user, the notification will be sent to the email address setup on the user’s file, otherwise, it will be sent to the email address specified in the employee file.

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