Maintenance Plans

Create Validation Types

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Creating types of validation is a fundamental step of configuring Tasks of the Checklist type.

You can create a Validation Type using the following option:

  • Maintenance | Configurations | Maintenance Plans | Validation Types

After opening the validation types list, follow these steps:

  1. On the list, press the “Create new record” button.  A new tab named “Create Validation Type” will open in the work area.
  2. Enter the validation type data.
    1. Validation Type
    2. Description
    3. Validation Type response options
      1. From the list, press the “Add New Line” button.
      2. Enter the details
        1. Value
        2. Remarks Required
          1. Allows you to specify if the Remarks field in tasks is required by selecting this option.
        3. Is Default
          1. Allows you to set a value as default.

When you finish entering the validation type data, press the “Create” button to save the information. Please note that all the data marked with “*” are required.

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