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Mobile – Printing a Work Order report

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Technicians can print the work order report with or without signature when they finish a work order or during its execution. To print a WO report, technicians need to access the WO details window. Access to the WO’s details is done through the list of WO, using one of these paths:

  • Menu -> Work Report -> My Work
  • Menu -> Work Report -> Dashboard -> Report Work
  • Menu -> Work Report -> Calendar

After accessing the work order’s details, follow these steps to print the report:

  • Select the other options “3 dots” on the upper right corner
  • From the displayed menu, select the “Print” option
  • A report preview screen is displayed for you to verify if the information is correct. If you want to print, select the checkmark from the upper right corner, when this prompt is displayed. If the “Signature” option is enabled in the app configurations, two signature menus will be displayed, one for the technician and another one for the customer to sign.
  • After signing, and depending on the selected printer (if you are printing to PDF), the final report generated will be displayed in your device.
After printing the report, it will be attached to the WO when you sync with the backoffice.

Printing the report is only available if you have an active Internet connection.  

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